All American Driving School

Teen Behind the Wheel Course Packages

Our courses are comprised of entirely behind-the-wheel instruction for student that have their instruction permit. We will teach basic driving techniques, including how to pass the driving test. More importantly we will teach a habitual defensive driving program. It is our goal to help your student become a proficient, safe and confident driver. The differences in the amount of time of each course is the time it may take each student to make defensive driving a habit. Everyone has their own learning style and some may take longer than others.

We will pick the student up for lessons as long as they reside in one of the teaching areas. Areas include:
Carson City

Prices are as follows:
2 hour lesson - $170.00
6 Hour Package - $460.00 Three 2 hour lessons
8 Hour Package - $600.00 Four 2 hour lessons
10 Hour Package - $700.00 Five 2 hour lessons
12 Hour Package - $780.00 Six 2 hour lessons
14 Hour Package - $840.00 Seven 2 hour lessons

To enroll in either of these courses you must call our reservation center at:
Reno/Sparks (775) 825-1957