All American Driving School


Do I have to be a Nevada State Resident to Take an Online Course?
No, you do not have to be a Nevada state resident to take a course. However, you will have to verify with your state's DMV to check whether that course is approved for your state.

How Do I Sign Up for a Course Online?
Go to the online course of interest, either the Nevada Handbook, Nevada Driver Education, Nevada Traffic Safety, or Nevada Level I DUI, and, after making sure that is the course of interest, select the "Register" button. Then please fill out the required input fields including a username and password, your email address and your credit card information.

Is Ordering a Course With My Credit Card Online Safe?
Ordering online using your credit card information is absolutely safe! Our secure server system encrypts data using the latest SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, which is the e-commerce standard for digital safety, and provides both you the consumer and us the merchant with an unbreakable "lock box" for transferring credit card information data.

I Have Signed Up for a Course, What Do I Do Now?
Please go to "Login" in the menu bar to the right and enter your username and password. The program will then allow you to access the course you purchased. If you have any problems with this process, please call the Reno office at 775-825-1957 for assistance.

What if I lose my username or password?
If you lose your username or password, follow this link-- get password. From this window, you must provide the email address that you used when you registered for the course. Your username and password will immediately be mailed to you.

My username has expired, but I'm not done with the course. Can I have my username activated again?
When you sign up for the course you are given 30 or 60 days to complete it. If you let the time go by without completing the course, you must enroll again and start over.