All American Driving School

Senior Driving Training and Evaluation

Senior Driver Training
We have many years of experience with the nervous and elderly student driver. Don’t wait the rest of your life sitting at home and waiting for someone else to drive you someplace. A lot of our adult students thought they would never learn to drive and usually after two or three lessons could not understand why they waited so long to learn. When you learn from one of our very patient professional instructors, you will know right from the start that you made the right decision to call All American Driving School.

We can put an adult in a package of six hours for the price of $460.00, or a ten-hour package for the price of $700.00. Both of these packages are taught two hours at a time and start right from your front door if you live in one of our teaching cities of Reno, Sparks, Fallon, Fernley or Carson City.

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Evaluation of Senior Drivers
Many times we get calls from people that are not sure if one of their senior family members should still be on the road. The worst thing that could happen is to have the person take a test from the DMV. The test at the DMV is 20 minutes long and the driving part is about 12 minutes. The family member is usually very nervous, as they feel if they fail they will lose their driver’s license for the rest of their life. With only 12 minutes of driving they will never get over their nervousness. This is why we give these evaluations.

At All American Driving School, we give the family member a full hour evaluation and for the first 20 minutes we aren't concerned with how they drive, as we know they are nervous. Then we start evaluating their driving. If they should not be on the road we will tell you and if there is no problem we will tell you that also. Sometimes just a little training is required and the person is as good as new.

The cost of this service is $90.00. If you want to enroll someone in this course, call our reservation center at:
(775) 825-1957