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Online driver education  courses approved by the State of Nevada!Purchase and study Nevada driver education classes from home!

Teen Driver Education

Teen Behind the Wheel Course Packages

These courses are comprised of entirely behind-the-wheel instruction for students that have completed Driver Education or are over 18 years of age. We teach basic driving techniques, including how to pass the driving test, but much more importantly we teach a habitual defensive driving program. In the Super courses, we will teach emergencies, such as high speed tire failure, skids, stuck gas pedal, and how to handle a car going off the road. Remember this! The number one accident in Nevada is a car drifting off the road and the driver overcorrecting and losing control, in most cases leading to the deaths of all occupants.

The standard courses (without the skids and emergency maneuvers) are $342.00 for the Teen Standard Six-Hour Course and $560.00 for the Teen Standard 10-Hour Course. Our school does not want to take a student through skids and other emergency maneuvers until the student has mastered the operation of the car and is comfortable with driving. The differences for the amount of time for the courses are the amount of time to make the defensive driving habits ingrained in the student. Also, in ten hours we have the best chance of having the student ready to learn the emergency maneuvers.

The instructor picks the student up at the student's house as long as they live in one of the teaching cities. The teaching cities are: Henderson, Las Vegas, Reno, and Sparks.

Teen Prime Course

This is the best course we have for a person that has never controlled a car. This course starts with two 2-hour lessons in our advanced driving simulator to build good driving and car control habits. Then we teach three 2-hour lessons in our dual controlled cars where we teach our defensive driving program and the basic things that are required to pass the DMV Road Test. The last lesson is back in our advanced driving simulator where we teach the crash avoidance scenarios, how to keep control of a car that has drifted off the highway at high speed, and driving in inclement weather (at night, on ice, in the rain or fog). This is the course that can really save the life of the student in the future. Please keep in mind that this course if for the brand new driver and has too much basic training for a person that already knows how to control a car.

The cost of this course is $768.00

Teen Premium Super Course

This course is identical to the Prime Course with one of the advanced driving simulator lessons removed.

The cost of this course is $624.00

Teen Super Course

This course is for students that have a lot of driving experience where we do not have to dwell on basic driving techniques. The first two 2-hour lessons are in the car teaching our defensive driving system. The last 2-hour lesson is in our advanced driving simulator where we teach the crash avoidance and the rest of the items listed above for the last lesson of the Prime Course.

The cost of this course is $372.00

To enroll in either of these courses you must call our reservation center at:

Las Vegas (702) 384-7110
Reno/Sparks (775) 825-1957

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